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Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Broadway PCC APCM Reports

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Wickhamford PCC APCM Reports

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Vicar's APCM Report

If you wish to become a Churchwarden, join one of our PCC's, become a Deanery Synod member or go on the Electoral Roll please download the form or get in touch with your PCC Secretary.


This is a brief guide to all things to do with the Annual Meeting and the Church council that are charged with the day-to-day running of the Church.


What is the APCM?


The APCM is the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Actually it comprises two meetings the ‘Vestry Meeting’ which elects the Church Wardens for the coming year and the APCM itself which is the business meeting of the Church, it’s a sort of AGM for our parish churches. It’s a meeting we’re legally required to have and must take place before the 31st May each year. The meeting is only open to members of the Church electoral roll, and those present vote on the appointment of PCC members, Deanery Synod representatives once every 3 year or when there is a vacancy and to accept the audited accounts of the Church. It is also an opportunity to catch up with the events of the last year and to explore the vision for the coming year together. Most of all it’s a CELEBRATION of all God has been doing in the life of the Church as we look forward to the coming year.


What is the electoral roll?


The electoral roll is the membership list of the Church. It is revised every year just prior to the APCM and once every 6 years the entire membership list is deleted and everyone has to re-apply (this last happened in 2019). You are only on the electoral roll if you have filled in a form since the last full-revision in 2019. Only members of the electoral roll are permitted to attend and vote at the APCM. You can join the electoral roll at one of our churches by filling in the form usually available at the back of church or by requesting a form from the Church Office.

What is Deanery Synod?

A Deanery is an administrative grouping of local Church of England Churches within the Diocese. The Deanery Synod is part of the governance structure of the Church made up of parish representatives and clergy from within that Deanery. Deanery Synod is the third tier of Synodical Government of the Church of England with the Diocesan Synod and the national General Synod. Members of Deanery Synod are elected at the APCM once every three years. Deanery Synod representatives are automatically Ex-officio members of the PCC.

What is the PCC?

PCC stands for ‘Parochial Church Council’ The group that has the responsibility for managing the financial and legal responsibilities of the parish. Also responsible for vision, staff management, building management, resources management and so on. Members of the PCC are elected for 3-year terms at the APCM.

What is a Church Warden?

A Church Warden is a legal officer of the Church. They are charged with responsibility for a wide range of things that happen at Church from buildings to services and more. These days we try to share those responsibilities out amongst the whole family of God, so while retaining the responsibility for things it doesn't mean the wardens must personally do everything that falls within their role.

What is a Church Treasurer?

The Treasurer acts on behalf of the PCC and implements the financial policy and decisions by the PCC. The Treasurer reports back to the PCC on the ongoing financial situation of the Church and helps informed decisions about money take place. Being a treasurer often involves book keeping and banking.

For any other information regarding APCM's and a link to the Church Representation Rules please go to the Parish Resources webpage.

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