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Supporting your parish church financially

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During the Covid-19 pandemic things are a bit different for our churches in both Broadway and Wickhamford as they are at this moment unfortunately closed.

This has an impact not only on our ability to gather to worship in our churches but also on our church giving and fundraising.

I hope that our church treasurers aren't pulling their hair out as the picture is on the right but I am aware that they are worried about how they are going to continue to pay the church running costs that are still on-going through this crisis.

Please can I ask you to consider what you give to our parish churches?

Can I also thank you for what you give to the church already and even if you have to reduce what you give due to the situation we are in

- thank you.

We hope to still continue to minister to you as we are which is very different for us all at the moment and I am sure we are all finding it difficult in many ways. 

The Parish Giving Scheme is another way you could choose to give and if you click on the icon on the right it will link you to information of how you could give in this way.

For Broadway PCC the code you need is: 420642007

For Wickhamford PCC the code you need is: TBC


The Diocese of Worcester have set up a Ministry Fund just for stipends (this is not to detract from giving locally). Please find their page here

If you with to make a one off donation or speak to our treasurers please contact:

for Broadway - Kevin Beasley - email / phone

for Wickhamford - Carole Collis - email / phone

Thank you for considering your giving to help our churches continue it's ministry in our benefice.

Rev. Shellie Ward

Priest in Charge

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