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The 200 Club

- your invitation to join

Supporting Broadway Parish Churches


FOUR chances to win £200 (& other prizes) every year

To join pick up an application form at the back of St Michael's Church

or complete the online enquiry form below

What is the 200 Club?

It is a simple and fun way to raise extra, necessary funds to maintain and develop St Michael's and St. Eadburgha’s Churches in Broadway for the benefit of all parishioners, whilst adding an element of chance/good luck for its members to win substantial cash prizes.

Why is it so important?

We are asking for your support to ensure that our beautiful parish churches continue to be well-maintained, warm and welcoming to all who wish to use them, be that for baptism, weddings, funerals or to attend special services at Easter, Christmas or Remembrance.

The 200 Club helps by generating a regular income for the church at a time when it is becoming increasingly difficult to ‘balance the books’ as the cost of maintenance, heat, light and insurance all increase despite the generous, regular giving by our faithful congregations who attend our churches and organise fundraising events.

How does it work?

When you join, your name is entered into quarterly draws with a First Prize of £200. Additional prizes will be drawn with the total annual prize money amounting to 50% of the income received, so members all have an excellent chance of winning. The Draws take place in March, June, September & December, see the ‘Grapevine’ for dates.

The 200 Club funds are overseen by Kevin Beasley, Church Treasurer, as well as the members of the Church Council (PCC). Kevin ensures that all 200 Club funds are used for our agreed purpose.

How much does it cost?

The annual membership is just £20 per person, payable either by standing order or by cash/cheque. All members must be over eighteen years of age and only one entry is permitted per person. Family and friends are all welcome!

How do I join?

Either - simply complete the online enquiry form and the 200 Club Administrator, Henrietta Cooke, will contact you to set up your preferred payment method.

Or - complete and return an Application Form, available from the back of St. Michael’s Church.

If you have any queries

Please do not hesitate to contact any of the PCC members detailed in the Grapevine Parish Magazine or the Administrator through the online form.

Subscribe to the 200 Club

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