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Parochial Church Council

Priest in Charge (Ex Officio and Chair of both PCC's)

Revd Michelle Ward (Shellie)  Email   Phone

Associate Priest (Ex Officio on both PCC's)

Revd Jo Williamson  Email   Phone

Broadway PCC

Churchwarden & Treasurer (Ex Officio)

Kevin Beasley  Email   Phone

Churchwarden (Ex Officio)

John Hayes   Email  Phone

PCC Secretary

Sarah Beasley  Email  Phone

Deanery Synod Rep (Ex Officio) & Safeguarding Officer

Joan Reading   Email  Phone

Deputy Churchwarden

Gill Hammond  Email  Phone

PCC Members

The PCC Meeting by Dave Walker

Wickhamford PCC

Churchwarden (Ex Officio)

Ken Maden  Email 

Churchwarden (Ex Officio)

Pat Clinton

Deanery Synod Rep (Ex Officio) & PCC Secretary

Jackie Knight  Email  


Carole Collis  Email

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