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St Eadburgha's Church

Snowshill Road


WR12 7JS

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About us

St Eadburgha's Church has been a Christian place of worship since Saxon times. The dedication is rare and denotes a strong link with Alfred the Great's grand-daughter who as a child was offered jewels or a Bible as a gift, she chose the latter and dedicated her life to the service of God.

The present cruciform church dates back to the XII century and contains some fine medieval and Jacobean woodwork.

St. Eadburgha's church is listed in Simon Jenkins' book 'England’s Thousand Best Churches' and is described as a 'well mannered church which has turned its back on the famous village, as if appalled at its capitulation with tourism.'

From its position nestled neatly at the foot of Snowshill it may seem as though time stands still for this ancient church, now marooned from the village. However, this fine church still plays an important part in the spiritual life of the village of Broadway

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