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Baptism / Christening

One of the most natural responses to the birth of a child is a desire to celebrate and say thank you to God. Every child is a miracle and it’s only natural for parents want to bring their children to church to ask for God’s blessing. Baptism and Christening are different names for the same event.

Here in our benefice we want to welcome you to bring your child to celebrate their life and pray for their future and we offer parents a choice of either Baptism or a Thanksgiving Service.


At a Baptism service parents and godparents make promises and commitments to bring the child up as a Christian. They promise to do their best to live good lives and be positive role models. These promises are made on the child’s behalf.


At a ‘Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child’ the child is blessed and the parents and children are prayed for. It’s a simple and beautiful way to welcome your baby into the world and into your family without making promises you might not feel ready to make.


If you want to find out more about either of these special services and how to book one, please come along any Sunday to one of our services. Introduce yourselves to a sidesperson or the person taking the service. The usual Sunday services take place at either St John's Church, Wickhamford at 9.15am or in Broadway at St Michael's Church at 10.30am (or St Eadburgha's Church at 6pm from Easter to Harvest).


We look forward to meeting you and welcoming your child into God’s church.

Alternatively you can contact Shellie (the Vicar) 07780002565 or

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