Broadway Living Advent Calendar

This year due to Covid-19 it's going to be harder to gather together to celebrate Advent and Christmas.  So we have asked and organised (taking our idea from others last year - see Amy's Story) to hold a Living Advent Calendar in Broadway.  

Just like a normal Advent Calendar each night from 3pm a new window in Broadway will be lit up with a Christmas scene / picture.

We ask if you do share this online through social media to use the hashtag #BroadwayAdventCalendar so we can see people's pictures and windows.

Nearer the time there will be a map of where each window will be and we hope you enjoy the discovery of Christmas in our community this year.

From December each of the windows below will change to display the advent window being displayed and lit up in the village.

1st December
Christmas Shopping Night 2019
2nd December
3rd December
4th December
5th December
Christmas Shopping Night 2019
6th December
7th December
8th December
9th December
10th December
11th December
12th December
13th December
14th December
15th December
16th December
17th December
18th December
19th December
20th December
21st December
22nd December
23rd December
24th December
Christmas Eve
25th December
Christmas Day

Happy Christmas!
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14th December