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Grapevine Magazine

From the Editor

"The Grapevine magazine has been delivered to homes for more than 30 years in Broadway and Wickhamford.

Whether you want to be informed about the goings on in the Anglican churches, inspired by the locals, read thought-provoking articles, get stuck in to the crossword / puzzles page, get gardening tips or have a go at the recipe, we have you covered.


The local church needs your help so we can be here for you when you need us - please choose the magazine as a way of supporting you local church.  Therefore if you're passionate about your local church and want to support it this is the magazine for you.


Miss cellaneous


To purchase the magazine for the year costs £10 for 10 editions (July and August, December and January being double editions).

The distribution coordinator is John Hayes

contact by email or phone.

May Grapevine with local directory
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June Grapevine Magazine
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