Great cont.                              Swell cont.

Flute 4ft.                                  Fifteenth 2ft.

Octave Geigen 4ft                      Mixture 19.22

Principal 4ft.                             Trumpet 8ft.

Fifteenth 2ft.                             Tremulant



Pedal                                        Chancel

Sub-bass 16ft.                             Dulciana (T.C.) 8ft.

Violon 16ft.                                 Stopped Flute 8ft.

Bourdon 16ft.                              Nason Flute 8ft.

Quint 10ft.                                Principal 4ft.

Major Flute 8ft.                            Clarinet 8ft.

Bass Flute 8ft.                              Tremulant

Cello 8ft.                                     Octave

Flute 8ft.                                     Sub-octave

Prestant 4ft.


Swell to Great                      6 pistons to Great and Ped. (2nd touch)

Swell to Great Octave            6 pistons to Swell and Ped. (2nd touch)

Swell to Great sub-Octave      reversible piston, Swell to Great

Swell to Pedal                       reversible piston, Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal Octave             reversible pedal piston, Great to Pedal

Great to Pedal                       balanced swell pedals to Swell and  

Chancel to Great                    Chancel organs

Chancel to Pedal

Christopher J Stephenson 1950-2010  Organist and Choirmaster 2005-2010  Updated from the history written by D A  Steele, Organist  1987 Organ page 4 - The Organ