In 1964 a new 2-rank Mixture was added to the Swell organ by the John Compton Organ Co. (Rutt having retired), this was one of the last jobs undertaken by the firm before they ceased to make pipe organs.

Following the death of Gilbert Mills in 1982 and after extensive repairs to the church roof made necessary by dry-rot, during which the West end organ was partly dismantled, the main organ was cleaned and repaired in 1983 by Trevor Tipple of Worcester, who currently holds the tuning and maintenance contract. At the same time the Chancel organ 8ft. Viol was replaced by a 4ft. Principal taken from a Nicholson organ of about 1860 formerly in St. John’s church Worcester. This change, among others, had been suggested by Mills during his lifetime.

The pipes of the Chancel organ 4ft. Nason flute are thought to be more than 200 years old and to be of German origin. They have carved stoppers. The Swell 8ft. Trumpet and the Great 8ft. Diapason were both revoiced in 1947 by the celebrated reed voicer W C (Billy) Jones who died in 1967 aged 92. They remain among the chief glories of the instrument to this day.

The current organist and choirmaster C J Stephenson was appointed in 2005 and continues to play an active part in the ongoing care of this great instrument. A major overhaul and replacement of the action is planned for the future.

Current Specification

Compass of manuals CC—C 61 notes. Compass of Pedals C—F 30 notes

Great                                        Swell

Violon 16ft.                                 Geigen 8ft.

Bourdon 16ft.                              Echo Diapason 8ft.

Open Diapason 8ft.                      Viola di Gamba 8ft.

Geigen 8ft.                                 Vox Angelica (T.C.) 8ft.

Gemshorn (T.C.) 8ft.                   Leiblich Gedeckt 8ft.

Stopped Diapason 8ft.                 Octave Diapason 4ft.

Claribel Flute 8ft.                        Harmonic Flute 4ft.

Echo Diapason 8ft.                      Twelve 2ft.

Pedal  Chancel

Sub-bass 16ft. Dulciana (T.C.) 8ft.

Violon 16ft. Stopped Flute 8ft.

Bourdon 16ft. Nason Flute 8ft.

Quint 10ft. Principal 4ft.

Major Flute 8ft. Clarinet 8ft.

Bass Flute 8ft. Tremulant

Cello 8ft. Octave

Flute 8ft. Sub-octave

Prestant 4ft.


Swell to Great  6 pistons to Great and Ped. (2nd touch)

Swell to Great Octave  6 pistons to Swell and Ped. (2nd touch)

Swell to Great sub-Octave reversible piston, Swell to Great

Swell to Pedal  reversible piston, Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal Octave  reversible pedal piston, Great to Pedal

Great to Pedal  balanced swell pedals to Swell and  

Chancel to Great  Chancel organs

Chancel to Pedal

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